David Grund
Please note that these products were written by myself. If you received them from here, or from another reputable source, then they are warranted to be free of trojans or viruses.
My Programs
Note: Some anti-virus programs will think that these files contain the Win32: Trojan-gen virus. This is a FALSE positive. I wrote these programs, and it seems the anti-virus programs are complaining about ALL of the programs that I write. Before downloading and installing, disable your anti-virus program.
Christina’s Words - A word search game with accounting. Version 2.1.1 Version 2.2.1
These programs are free of charge for unlimited use on as many computers as you would like. However, I retain all rights. These programs are for the Microsoft Windows operating system. I write these programs to make the lives of my wife and myself easier and more entertaining. I share them because that’s the way I am.
Last modified: October 16, 2017
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